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Pre-Weddings Photography in Europe 歐洲婚紗攝影亮點

Award-Winning Pre-Wedding Photography in London, Paris, Santorini, Tuscany, Florence, Prague 

Ken Lam is an award-winning wedding photographer based in England.  In 2009, Ken submitted his work ” Bride in Paris” into the Kodak wedding photography competition for professional photographers.  In the end, his print was judged as the best print out of over 2000 prints in the competition, Kodak named him the “Kodak UK Wedding Photographer of the Year“.  Ken was also a Finalist Master Photographer in the Master Photographers Awards.





Traditionally, in our parents’ time, a set of pre-wedding photography session is set in a photography studio where an engaged couple gets a set of professional set of images taken of themselves.

As transport and technology advanced, savvy couples from all over the world – Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, UK, choose to do their pre-wedding photography against some of the most breathtaking locations all over the world, due to its magnificent landmarks and rich history, Europe has become a favourite pre-wedding destination.

To view more of Ken’s pre-wedding work in individual location, please click on the links below:

Pre-wedding in London

Pre-wedding in Paris

Pre-wedding in Prague

Pre-wedding in Santorini

Other pre-wedding locations include: Provence, Rome, Munich, SorrentoEdinburgh, Cambridge, Newcastle, York, and Durham.

This year, Ken is venturing out to other undiscovered European locations that are more breathtaking than ever before.  For those interested in joining him for an unforgettable photography experience, please Contact Us or e-mail  We only work on a personal one-to-one basis: Ken only works with one couple a day for a pre-wedding photoshoot.  Ken Lam speaks fluent Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

Europe Pre-Wedding Photographer

Pre-wedding Photography Schedule 2016

March – Paris, Amsterdam & Keukenhof Gardens
April – Paris, Amsterdam  & Keukenhof Gardens
May – Italy, Prague, London
June – London, Paris
July – Newcastle, Paris & Worldwide
August – Santorini, Paris, London, Italy
September – Amsterdam, Prague, Worldwide
October – Newcastle, Paris
November – Prague, London
December – London, Newcastle, Worldwide

2016 年 海外攝影

三月 – 巴黎, 阿姆斯特丹 – 库肯霍夫花园

四月 – 布拉格, 阿姆斯特丹 – 库肯霍夫花园

五月 – 意大利, 布拉格,伦敦

六月 – 伦敦,巴黎

七月 – 圣托里尼,巴黎, 全球

八月 – 圣托里尼,巴黎,伦敦, 意大利

九月 – 阿姆斯特丹,布拉格, 全球

十月 – 纽卡斯尔,巴黎

十一月 – 布拉格,伦敦

十二月 – 伦敦,纽卡斯尔, 全球


Behind-the-Scenes: What Happens on the Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Day?

It has always been my wish to show my clients a behind-the-scenes video of how I work. Since I am based in England, I sometimes only get to meet my overseas clients on the day of the wedding photoshoot! Having a video of how I work will help my clients know what to expect on the day of the photoshoot. Last year, my dear friend and multi-awards winning videographer Pete from Engage Cinema (one of the best videographers in UK) made that happen for me.  I am so grateful to Pete, and my clients Billy & Khyle, Gordon & Carol, Yau & Evita for enabling us to make this video into a reality.

I would like to think that my No.1 fan is my 3 year old son Karl, who apart from watching Thomas & Friends and Fireman Sam, also enjoys watching this video – he always imitates me when I say the word “passion”! I hope you enjoy watching this video too.

Photograph that appeared in the video – Billy & Khyle: Pre-wedding in Paris.